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Check out links to my entertainment and lifestyle writing for publications such as Adweek, Brit + Co, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, Shameless Magazine, and more.


I occasionally write pieces for Adweek related to entertainment.

Check out my latest posts for Adweek:

The Best TV Shows About Lawyers, Ranked by Real Lawyers

The Best TV Shows About Doctors, Ranked by Real Doctors

These Are the 10 Best Podcasts to Binge on a Road Trip

10 Podcasts Your Kids Should Be Listening to

Brit + Co

In January 2016, I started working with Brit + Co as a weekday freelance entertainment writer. I cover the latest news when it comes to TV, movies, and music as well as celebrities. I also create evergreen content related to popular entertainment topics.

I have written over 3,500 posts for Brit + Co with more coming every weekday.

Ripley's Believe It or Not!

In October 2017, I started contributing weird news pieces for Ripley's Believe It or Not!

My articles have not only been published on the Ripley's website, a select few have also been used as scripts for YouTube videos.

See my Ripley's pieces below.

Cheese Tea Has Come to the U.S. — Plus Here’s How to Make It at Home

Frank Hayes: The Dead Man Who Won a Horse Race [YouTube video based on my piece]

The 15-Foot Wave Of Beer That Flooded London In 1814 [YouTube video based on my piece]


From 2015 to 2016 (then again briefly in 2017), I wrote entertainment and celebrity-related lists for Fame10, "your destination for everything entertainment related. Get the scoop on the latest news plus learn new things about your favorite celebs."

Check out my Fame10 pieces here.

Rock Sellout


Battery In Your Leg



In June 2018, I started writing for LittleThings, a website that "publishes engaging, meaningful content for women across generations."

See my latest LittleThings pieces below:

14 Ways To Protect Your Health In Your 20s And 30s

I Tried Sending Texts As Old-Fashioned Handwritten Letters And This Is How People Reacted

I Tried Following YouTube Manicure Tutorials And I Think I Kind Of Nailed It

I Went Barefoot For A Week, And This Is How My Feet Fared

14 Signs You’re Finally Ready To Become A Parent

14 Signs You’re Ready To Become A Homeowner

14 Telltale Signs It’s Time For A Career Change

Become Your Own Boss: 14 Signs You’re Ready To Start Your Own Business

14 Bucket List Items That Will Make The World A Better Place

I Tried Canning And Preserving My Food And It Was A Delicious Success

14 Things Everyone Needs To Know About The Keto Diet

14 Tips For Dealing With An Intrusive Family Member

I Melted Down Wax And Dropped In Crayons To Create My Own Homemade Candles From Scratch

14 Ways To Stay Safe While Using Online Dating Websites

14 Reasons To Adopt A Rescue Animal From A Shelter Instead Of Buying One From A Pet Store

14 Of The Cutest And Most Clever Halloween Costumes For Pets

14 Of The Sweetest Nonshedding Or Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds To Get If You Suffer From Allergies

Shameless Magazine

In October 2008, I created an online column for Shameless Magazine called Shameless Women which profiled positive female role models for young women. Over two and a half years I interviewed over 60 women from different professions, causes, backgrounds, ethnicities, orientations, and anything/everything else. I ended the column in March 2011.

During my time at Shameless Magazine, I also wrote articles / posts on various topics relevant to "girls who get it." Along with appearing on the website, many of my pieces were also featured in the print version of the magazine.

Click here to find all of my Shameless Magazine posts.


Vegan A Go-Go" is sure to be yum yum! (This review was quoted the book's publisher website, Arsenal Pulp Press.)

Think Before You Tattoo!

A Holiday Gift List for girls who ROCK!

Curious about Bi-Curiosities (When Is Queer “Queer Enough”?)

Mo’Nique, Amanda Palmer, Golden Globes…and Hairy Legs

Who Do We Look Up To? (Is 3rd Wave Feminism Lost Without Leaders?)

Feminist Pinups: Can You Be A Sexy Role Model?


Coco La Creme - Skin Tight Outta Site Rebel Burlesque

Zahra Haji - Yoga Goddess

Carolina Smart - creator of Shebytches.com

Kelly Thornton - executive director of Nightwood Theatre

Jen Anisef - creator of Toronto Craft Alert

Ebonnie Rowe - Phemphat CEO & Honey Jam creator

Sarah Campbell - owner of The Rage

Frankie Whyte - lead vocals/guitar of FW&DI

Rosella Melanson - N.B. Advisory Council on the Status of Women

Rebecca Gallant - crew manager of NXNE Music & Film Festival

Mary Claus - Not just Santa's Mrs.!

Viki Ackland - 2mile Jewellery

Sarah Kramer - vegan cookbook superstar

Laura-Jean Bernhardson - knitting queen, collective scene

Cheryl Dobinson - bi writer / activist

Kerry Potts - aboriginal-arts activist

Sauci Calla Horra - Toronto Burlesque Festival

Wendy Donnan - in charge at OUTtv

Carmela Hutchison - president of DisAbled Women's Network Canada

Alison Lee - Feminist Porn Awards pioneer

Amber Goodwyn - the rockstar of <em>Lickety-Split smut zine

Kelly Drennan - eco-fashionista

Lana Gay - CBC Radio 3 host

Emily Hunter - eco-warrior

Willa Black - the woman behind One Million Acts of Green

Beth Smith - creator of IndieNorth

Mary-Jo Dionne - writer, dog-lover, funny-lady

Marni Wedin - writer, producer

Aliya-Jasmine Sovani - MTV Canada host

Julianna Yau - arts, tech, and advocacy

Darrelle London - singer-songwriter

Amanda Mabro - jazz, indie-rock, and cabaret flare

Kristin Peres - Cake or Death

Sam Leeson – babyREADY

Amrita Chandra - owner of tinku Gallery

Jordan-na Belle-Isle - Canadian Music Invasion

Karen Miranda Augustine - ritualistic pop artist

Karley Tabak - She Sews Lovely

Erin Ross - making music in Nightwood

Erin Karpluk - star of Being Erica

Catherine Kustanczy - arts, culture, and Play Anon

Amy Sedgwick - Red Tent Sister

Jennifer Cowan - author of EarthGirl

Lizzie Renaud - owner of Speakeasy Tattoo

Leanne Prain - knit graffiti artist

Adebe D.A. - writing for social justice

Andrea Thompson - slam poet

Erin Robinson - indie game creator

Amber Dawn - on top with Sub Rosa

Tanya McGinnity - proudly geeky

Donna Linklater - Billie Hollies’ Voice

Shaheen Ashraf - Canadian Council of Muslim Women

Suba Sankaran - Worldly Multi-Musician

Abena Malika - performing with Soulpepper Theatre

Pearl Luke - The Voice Behind Madame Zee and Burning Ground

Madeleine Shaw and Suzanne Siemens - The Ladies of Lunapads

Billy Pettinger - Billy the Kid

Tanya Smith - Practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine and More

Marlene Leung - Working for a Bigger Cause at UofT’s Centre for Mother, Infant, and Child Research & Parkdale Street Writers

Emma Allison - Teen Writer Who’s Booking Through 365

Alysha Haugen and Magali Meagher - Starting a Vibe with Girls Rock Camp Toronto

Thank you to ALL Shameless Women out there!